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Vienna Classical Concerts 2024, Mozart, Strauss, Church Concerts

Classical Concerts in Vienna

Vienna Classical Concerts 2024

We offer a variety of classical concerts in a city of classical music. Mozart and Strauss concerts offered in our website include the most popular and famous Viennese compositions. You will find detailed information about Vienna concerts, including concert halls, programs, tickets, orchestras, composers, performers, etc. Booking a concert in Vienna online with us is even easier. You will receive an electronic confirmation which will be your entry ticket for classical concerts in Vienna.

Vienna Concert Halls

The classical concerts offered in our website take place in some of the most beautiful concert halls in Vienna. Concert halls include the Golden Hall in Musikverein, where the famous Vienna New Year's Concert takes place, the Vienna State Opera, the Hofburg and Schoenbrunn Palace, Kursalon Vienna, St. Annes Church or Vienna Mozart House. It is not only the classical music that contributes to the great experience, but also the beautiful settings of Vienna's famous Concert Halls.

Vienna Mozart and Strauss Concerts is the first online ticket office in Vienna to offer all Strauss and Mozart Concerts in one place. Mozart composed many of his best-known symphonies, concerts, and operas while living in Vienna. Johann Strauss, also known as "The Waltz King", composed hundreds of waltzes and was responsible for the popularity of the waltz in Vienna. All classical concerts in Vienna offered in this website include the most popular and famous compositions of Strauss and Mozart.

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