Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra - Orangery Schoenbrunn

Orchestra: Schoenbrunn Palace Venue: Orangery Schoenbrunn Address: Schönbrunner Schlossstraße 47 Compositions: Mozart, Strauss Admission: 20:00 Begin: 20:30 End: 22:00 Dress Code: NO Seats: 400 Location: Schoenbrunn Palace Area Maps: Google Maps
February 2018
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Concert & Orchestra

In addition to the high musical level, the orchestra is also known for its unified sound, its charming stage presence, as well as a highly professional appearance. In addition to the regular concerts at the Schoenbrunn Palace Orangery, the orchestra has also become a very important ambassador of Austria and has had many international successes – among others, in Japan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The orchestra’s repertoire focuses on works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and other composers of that era. The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna attaches great importance to Viennese-style interpretation of the pieces it plays and excels in interpreting the works of classical Viennese composers and Viennese music with a subtle and individual touch, always adding that „Viennese“ note.


The widowed Empress Wilhelmine Amalie had an orangery garden installed in Schoenbrunn with the purpose of overwintering her bitter orange plants inside a greenhouse.

Even today, concerts are held in grand old style in this historical location. Clad in historical dress, the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra interprets the most famous works by Mozart and Strauss at the original location every evening.

Todays Schoenbrunn Orangery was erected in the years 1754-1755. The architect Jean Nicolas Jadot is presumed to have been responsible for the planning. The construction was in any case the task of the Court Architect Nikolaus Pacassi as Jadot had already left Vienna in 1753. The Orangery garden was completed around 1760 after the erection of the building.

White and Gold Room in Schoenbrunn Palace
Some concerts of the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra are organized at the beautiful White and Gold Room inside the Main Palace.

The suite of rooms on the south side of the palace known as the White-and-Gold Rooms was decorated in the 1760/70s, and with its white-and-gold-panelled walls and varying rocaille décor is an outstanding example of Rococo craftsmanship from the era of Maria Theresa.

Program Example

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Overtures
  • Duets
  • Symphonies
  • Baritone Arias
  • Soprano Arias
  • Ballet

Strauss Family

  • Overtures
  • Soprano Arias
  • Waltzes
  • Ballet
  • Bariton Arias
  • Polkas, Galops, Marches
  • Duets

(Program is Subject to Changes)

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