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Vienna Supreme Concerts in Albertina Museum

Vienna Supreme Concerts

Event details

  • Orchestra: Vienna Supreme Orchestra
  • Venue: Eschenbach Palace
  • Address: Eschenbachgasse 11, Vienna
  • Content: Waltz, Ballet, Opera Singing
  • Compositions: Strauss, Mozart, Schubert, Sound of Music
  • Admission: 19:45
  • Begin: 20:30
  • End: 21:50
  • Dress Code: NO
  • Seats: 170
  • Location: City Center
  • Area Maps: Google Maps
  • Airconditioned: YES

Available Dates & Tickets

Concert & Orchestra

We wish you a warm welcome in Vienna, the city of dreams and romance, the world’s capital of music and birthplace of the Viennese waltz. Immerse yourself in the delightful Viennese music, be enchanted by its elegant waltzes, its refreshing polkas and its many romantic arias and duets. Experience works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and, of course, the Strauss Dynasty, the masters of operetta.

Let the “Vienna Supreme Orchestra” and its soloists offer you a truly magical evening where you can experience the happiness, optimism and flair of this wonderful city. Excellent education, international concert experience and Viennese spirited interpretation give the “Vienna Supreme Orchestra” a special Viennese touch which is always in pursuit of musical perfection.

Join us at one of our unforgettable concerts in the world famous Albertina and other enchanting venues in Vienna.


Depending on concert date, "Vienna Supreme Concerts" organizes concerts in Albertina Museum and other beautiful Viennese concert halls like Eschenbach Palace, Ferstel Palace, and Museum of Army History. You can chose the concert date and at the same time the preferred concert venue while booking your tickets.

The Hall of the Muses, the heart of the Habsburg staterooms, was used as a dining room and provided a festive setting for glamorous soirées and magnificent balls. It was illuminated by five superb crystal chandeliers, and an additional 258 candles attached to the rosette frieze running around the room bathed it in a sea of light. Precious stucco marble wall paneling and pillars, as well as gilded doors and ornaments, contribute to its impressive atmosphere. The hall’s name is derived from the cycle of figures Apollo and the Nine Muses. The larger-than-life sandstone figures, whose polished white surface is meant to simulate marble, were likewise designed by Joseph Klieber, who was inspired by the sculptor Antonio Canova when he conceived this work.

The Palais Eschenbach is an historical building located in the heart of Vienna, near the famous Ringstraße, the most beautiful and magnificent boulevard in Vienna. Inaugurated by Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria in 1872, it was built in the clear style of Palladian classicism according to the design of the architect Otto Thienemann. The large banquet hall, entirely covered in precious wood panelling and tapestries, is a beautiful example of how the technical fixtures can blend perfectly in a historical setting.

The Museum of Military History, one of the most important history museums in the world, is situated right in the centre of the Arsenal... The styles of this town’s oldest historic building range from Byzantine, Hispano-Moorish to Neo-Gothic. In five major sections the museum shows the history of the Habsburg Empire from the end of the 16th century until 1918 and Austria’s fate after the dissolution of the monarchy up to the year 1945.

The history of the Natural History Museum Vienna is shaped by the passion for collecting of renowned monarchs, the endless thirst for knowledge of famous scientists, and the spirit of adventure of travelling researchers. True to the spirit of the inscription carved into the front of the museum, scientists at the NHM Vienna have over the centuries dedicated themselves and their work “to the realm of nature and its exploration”.

Program Highlights

  • The Bat (Die Fledermaus)
  • The Sound of Music
  • The Magic Flute
  • Turkish March a.k.a Rondo Alla Turca
  • The Blue Danube Waltz
  • The Radetzky March

(Program is Subject to Changes)

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