Sister Act, Ronacher , 19 October 2012 - 19:30

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Category: Musicals Event: Sister Act Date/Time: 19 October 2012 - 19:30 Venue: Ronacher Address: Seilerstätte 9, A-1010 Wien / Vienna (Map)

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This cheerful musical with a rousing choreography, vibrant stage setting, full of comedy and the terrific songs from the eight times Oscar winner Alan Menken is a production by Stage Entertainment, which VBW is producing under licence in Vienna. After the huge success at the London West End, the musical premiered in the Hamburg Operettenhaus in December 2010 and has been playing on Broadway from April 2011. Co-Producer Whoopi Goldberg guarantees a divine musical entertainment which radiates high spirits from the first minute onwards.

SISTER ACT tells the story of the determined, but not particularly successful night club singer Deloris van Cartier. When she witnesses a murder, the police take Deloris under protective custody and take her to the only place which really offers her safety: a convent! Dressed as a nun she soon finds fans amongst her fellow nuns – only the strict Mother Superior is not at all impressed by the new convent pupil. But Deloris isn’t someone who can just sit quietly and wait. Her life is music and she just can’t live without singing. So without further ado she helps the convent’s somewhat out of tune choir get into key and ensures that the weak little nuns’ voices resound in a truly divine chorale. Along the way Deloris helps her fellow nuns return the run down church to its former glory – and thereby risks blowing her cover. The gangsters take up the chase and are soon hot on her trail. Has Deloris run out of time? Or has the gang underestimated the divine strength of the sisterhood?

The divine musical SISTER ACT celebrated its glamorous Austrian premiere on Thursday, 15th September 2011 – after London, Hamburg and New York the swinging nuns are now also captivating the Ronacher. No miracle ‘from above’ was needed yesterday evening to transform the house into a different type of convent with coloured church windows and mirror balls.

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