Natuerlich Blond, Ronacher , 12 April 2013 - 19:30

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Category: Musicals Event: Natuerlich Blond Date/Time: 12 April 2013 - 19:30 Venue: Ronacher Address: Seilerstätte 9, A-1010 Vienna / Wien (Map)

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Note: Musical in German Language!

The sweet and extremely pretty blonde Elle Woods is preparing herself with the girls of the UCLA sorority Delta Nu for the marriage proposal she is expecting from Warner Huntington III. At dinner, Warner tells her he needs a wife who is more serious and breaks off their engagement.

Elle is devastated, but determines to win Warner back by following him to Harvard Law School and matriculating there herself. By doing so she intends to prove to him that she can also be serious. Instead of writing a personal essay, Elle bursts into the Harvard admission office with a group of cheerleaders. She is accepted after revealing that she is motivated by love.

But Elle is thrown out of her very first class for being under-prepared, and is treated with disdain by the other students because of her striking appearance. Her only ally is the young law teaching assistant Emmett Forrest. She meets Warner, who is now engaged to Vivienne, concludes that her blonde hair is the problem and decides to become a brunette. In the Hair Affair salon she meets the fiery beautician Paulette and befriends her. She also meets Vivienne there who, to her surprise, invites her to a fancy-dress party.

Elle turns up at the party dressed as a Playboy Bunny. Seeing that she is the only one in fancy dress, she realises that Vivienne has tricked her. She runs away from the party and bumps into Emmett. Although he is already in love with her, he tries to understand her love problems as a friend and helps her realise that it is her obsession with Warner that is preventing her from earning his respect. Elle now tries to set new priorities.

At the same time, Professor Callahan’s team of lawyers is looking for interns to help with an important murder trial. Elle is accepted and proves that appearances are often deceptive: as an intelligent and emancipated law student with courage and sound common sense she solves a murder in which the accused is fitness queen Brooke Wyndham.

Warner is impressed by Elle’s transformation and wants to go back to her. What will the reformed Elle decide to do?

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