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INFORMATION ABOUT TICKETS AND PRICES is both primary and secondary ticket provider. As Vienna's FIRST Online Ticket Office, we do our best to be very fair and transparent to all our potential customers. Below we want to provide all information about ticket prices and how we operate, in a very clear and transparent way.

Generally, all prices listed on our website are final and complete prices, including all taxes, VAT and eventual fees. We are official partners of all orchestras, venues and institutions offered on our website.

IMPORTANT: The booking process and booking confirmation is the same for all tickets. We only offer tickets that are really available to us. No waiting lists! Eventual Service Fees are always shown in the Booking Form, by clicking on "Show Price Breakdown"

Primary Ticket Provider

For most of the events offered on our website (such as most classical concerts), we act as a primary ticket provider. This means we are contractual partners for most of the events we offer. For these tickets, the face value (price printed on the ticket) is the same as the final price offered on our website. There are no fees whatsoever and all the taxes are included.

Secondary Ticket Provider

For some events offered on our website (such as Operas), due to very high demand, we act as a secondary ticket provider / reseller. This is the only way we can be able to offer such tickets to our international customers. For these tickets, the prices offered on our website are generally 25-28% higher than the face value (price printed on the ticket). For exact price difference, please check our Terms and Conditions. The face value (original price) of the tickets is always included both in the booking form (before ordering the tickets) and in the booking confirmation.

Even as a secondary ticket provider, we are direct partner of all orchestras and venues. We get contingents of tickets directly from those orchestras, venues and opera houses. These tickets can also be cancelled, changed or reprinted in case of loss.

Again, for both sorts of tickets (primary and secondary), prices on our website are already final and include all possible taxes and eventual fees.

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