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Vienna Concerts, Operas and all Cultural Events

Vienna New Year Concert

The New Year Concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the most popular classical music concert worldwide. Taking place each year on January 1st in the Golden Hall of Musikverein, the concert of Philharmonic Orchestra performs lively and nostalgic music of Strauss family. The concert is televised wordlwide and enjoyed by millions. We might be able to offer each year some Tickets for the Traditional New Year's Concert of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. You will also find many similar Strauss and Mozart concerts in our website.

Vienna Classical Concerts 2024

We offer a variety of classical concerts in a city of classical music. Mozart and Strauss concerts offered in our website include the most popular and famous Viennese compositions. You will find detailed information about Vienna concerts, including concert halls, programs, tickets, orchestras, composers, performers, concert performances, etc. Booking a concert in Vienna online with us is even easier. You will receive an electronic confirmation which will be your entry ticket for classical concerts in Vienna.

Dinner + Vienna Concerts

For those who need a program for the whole evening in Vienna, we offer great packages of Dinner followed by a classical concert. The packages, including the food, are designed to reflect the rich Vienna tradition both in food and classical music. Vienna Dinner + Classical Concert evening programs can be easily booked online with us. The electronic confirmation you will receive from us will be your entry ticket for delicious Dinner and Classical Concerts in Vienna.

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