Musical: MAN OF LA MANCHA, Volksoper Vienna , 21 November 2019 - 19:00

Volksoper Vienna,  Musical: MAN OF LA MANCHA

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Category: Operas Event: Musical: MAN OF LA MANCHA Date/Time: 21 November 2019 - 19:00 Venue: Volksoper Vienna Address: Währingerstrasse 78, A-1090 Wien / Vienna (Map)

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The world premiere of „Man of la Mancha“ took place on Broadway on 22nd November 1965. The
story about the bewildered Spanish knight who battles against windmills ran for a record number of 2300 performances. „Man of la Mancha“ was first performed at the Volksoper in 1994 with Robert Meyer in the role of Sancho. Now the production, directed by Olivier Tambosi, returns with Meyer playing the “Knight of the Sad Countenance”.

The author Cervantes and his servant are locked up in a prison, waiting to be questioned by the Inquisition. First, however, they must face a different “court hearing” – one that will be conducted by their fellow prisoners, who have seized Cervantes’ possessions, among them the manuscript of Don Quixote. To regain possession of the manuscript, instead of making a statement of defence, Cervantes stages a production of his novel, with the parts played by the prison inmates. Cervantes himself takes the role of the deranged gentleman who has decided to become a knight-errant. With his unshakeable idealism and with total disregard for reality in any form, Don Quixote de La Mancha – as he now styles himself – has undertaken to fight all the injustice in this world. He attacks a windmill which he thinks is a giant. With his servant Sancho he lodges in a “castle” – in reality an inn – and is dubbed the “knight of the sad countenance” by the innkeeper. He believes that a barber’s basin is the legendary “golden helmet of Mambrino”. He names the whore Aldonza “Dulcinea” and pays court to her as his chosen noble lady, thus laying himself open to the jeers and insults of the coarse muleteers.

Dr. Carrasco, the future husband of Quijana’s niece Antonia, sees only one way to release the knight from his madness, by – literally – holding up a mirror to him. Robbed of his hope-filled dreams, Don Quixote falls apart.
Aldonza reminds the dying Alonso Quijana of his “impossible dream”.

Strengthened with the courage of the knight and accompanied by his servant, Cervantes goes to face his interrogation by the Inquisition.

In German language.

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