Musical: GYPSY, Volksoper Vienna , 23 January 2020 - 19:00

Volksoper Vienna,  Musical: GYPSY

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Category: Operas Event: Musical: GYPSY Date/Time: 23 January 2020 - 19:00 Venue: Volksoper Vienna Address: Währingerstrasse 78, A-1090 Wien / Vienna (Map)

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Act 1At “Uncle Jocko’s Kiddie’s Show” in Seattle, June and Louise perform “May We Entertain You”. Their mother Rose Hovick forces her way on to the stage, seizes control of the act and causes a situation of chaos in which Jocko hands in his notice. At home, Rose tries to wheedle 90 dollars from her father: this is the amount she needs to realise her dream and get her daughters properly established in show business. Papa turns her away, saying that she should get herself a husband to keep her. She steals the gold plaque that was given to him to commemorate his long service on the railways.

Rose and her two girls, the shy Louise and the extrovert June, move on to Los Angeles. On the way they team up with four street boys, whom Rose incorporates into the show. She approaches Weber, the manager of a vaudeville theatre, to try and get an engagement for her children’s troupe. Weber is more than sceptical. Then Herbie, an agent, comes to Rose’s aid – and turns out to be Uncle Jocko from Seattle. Rose und Herbie feel an instant attraction for each other.

Rose, her daughters and the boys (Tulsa, Kansas, Yonkers and L. A.) tour their number for several years. The children are turning into young adults. Herbie, who works as agent for the troupe, bursts in on Louise’s birthday celebration, accompanied by Mr. Goldstein. Goldstein is literally carried shoulder-high by the family, because he is agent for Mr. T. T. Grantziger’s Tivoli Theatre in New York, the ultimate goal of Rose’s desires. The audition takes place before Grantziger. His stern secretary, Miss Cratchitt, brings the news that her boss is only interested in June: he wants to create a career on Broadway for her. But Rose rejects the offer, because she just believes in good old vaudeville and doesn’t want to lose “her baby” (although June has long since ceased to be a baby …).

Tulsa is planning to break away from the troupe and is working on his own number. He does not notice Louise gazing at him adoringly. At a station platform in Omaha the troupe breaks up: the boys hand in their notice, June has married Kansas and is not coming back. Herbie implores Rose to start a “normal” family life with him and Louise – but she will have none of it. She is absolutely determined to make a star out of Louise.Act 2Rose is rehearsing a number with Louise and four girls (Agnes, Maggie, Dolores and Thelma), but it fails to work – Louise is not her talented sister. Rose, Louise and Herbie console themselves by saying that in any event they are still together.

As “Rose Louise and her Hollywood Blondes” (the girls have been remodelled as peroxide blondes), they sign on with another theatre. When Mama Rose realises that the theatre is a disreputable burlesque establishment, her first impulse is to leave, but she sees that these appearances are her last chance.

Cigar, the manager of the theatre, is desperately looking for someone to stand in for a sketch. Louise says she is willing. She gets some coaching in the art of burlesque from three worn-out strippers (Tessie Tura, Miss Mazeppa and Miss Electra): “You Gotta Have a Gimmick”.

When the contract expires, Herbie reminds Rose of her promise to marry him. Cigar and his assistant Pastey announce in alarm that the big striptease number may have to be cut because the “artiste” has been arrested for soliciting. Rose makes a quick decision: “My daughter can do it.” Herbie, deeply disappointed that Rose is unable to abandon the theatre and is now willing to force Louise to appear as a stripper, decides to leave her. Louise, who is now known as “Gypsy Rose Lee”, performs her act and is immediately successful – finally she is becoming a star. June’s old song “Let me entertain you” and her witty asides to the audience become her “trademarks”.

A few years later, mother and daughter meet in the dressing room at Minsky’s Burlesque Theatre in New York. Rose feels excluded from the life her successful daughter has created for herself. She has to admit that everything she has done has always been for herself alone. Suddenly Rose starts dreaming about becoming a star herself …

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