A NIGHT IN VENICE, Volksoper Vienna , 08 February 2019 - 11:00

Volksoper Vienna,  A NIGHT IN VENICE

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Category: Operas Event: A NIGHT IN VENICE Date/Time: 08 February 2019 - 11:00 Venue: Volksoper Vienna Address: Währingerstrasse 78, A-1090 Wien / Vienna (Map)

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Johann Strauss’ Venetian operetta celebrates La Serenissima as a merry stronghold of sensuality and decadence. The Duke of Urbino is such a notorious womaniser that the senators lock their wives at home during the Carnival as a precaution. But Caramello, the duke’s barber, assists his master in his forays. In the end, all escapades are simply attributed to the Carnival: “Everyone in disguise, where fun and folly and pleasure reign!”

First ActIn front of the house of Senator Delacqua, the macaroni cook Pappacoda is singing the praises of his wares – and becomes a witness to the events taking place in the house: Delacqua’s nephew Enrico Piselli and Delacqua’s wife Barbara are having an affair and are planning a meeting for that evening. The fact that tomorrow is Delacqua’s birthday, for which a surprise is being planned, serves as a good excuse.The fisherman’s daughter Annina delivers her goods for the birthday feast. She is a confidante of Barbara and knows all about her love affair.Ciboletta, the Delacquas’ cook, also knows what is going on in her employees’ household. She is also the fiancée of the macaroni cook Pappacoda and therefore a source of inestimable value for the curious Pappacoda, who knows very well how he can capitalise on his knowledge.Barbara not only has a young lover, but also has a fervent admirer in the Duke of Urbino, a notorious womaniser. He has come to this year’s carnival in Venice, as he does every year. Last year Barbara caught his eye, and he hopes that she will now give in to him. The whole of Venice is aware of this, even old Senator Delacqua himself, which is why he wants to get his wife to safety in Murano. However, as Delacqua also wishes to be given the post of steward to the Duke and therefore wants to win his favour, he decides to introduce Ciboletta to him as his wife.Caramello, the Duke’s personal barber and his assistant in his amorous adventures, arrives at Delacqua’s house in order to seek out Barbara on his master’s behalf – and also to see his sweetheart Annina. But Annina is sulking: she has seen almost nothing of Caramello recently.The Duke of Urbino then appears. Delacqua brings his wife out to the gondola, but the domino mask in fact conceals Annina, who is taking her mistress’s place.
Caramello knows that Delacqua wants to get his wifeout of the way, and has bribed the gondolier. Now he himself is acting as gondolier, little suspecting that he is taking his own sweetheart to the Duke. Barbara and Enrico are able to disappear unnoticed in the confusion. Second ActThe Duke is expecting Barbara, who has led him to expect that at their next meeting she will drop her mask – and possibly certain other items.First of all, however, the (older) wives of other senators arrive in order to get a closer look at this famous lady-killer.Caramello, together with Annina (who he still believes is Barbara), arrives at the Duke’s residence. He pays court to the masked lady, until the jealous Annina makes her identity known and threatens that she will yield to the Duke’s advances. Caramello then tries as far as possible to disrupt the Duke’s tete-a-tete with Annina (who the Duke thinks is Barbara) – aided by a disparate band of servants and artisans whom he and Pappacoda have invited to the Duke’s masked ball instead of the Venetian nobilità.Finally Delacqua arrives with Ciboletta, whom he presents as his wife. But instead of pleading for Delacqua to be made steward (as she had been ordered to do), Ciboletta asks for Pappacoda to be given the position of chef to the Duke.The supper that follows between the Duke and the two (assumed) Barbaras, Annina and Ciboletta, is continually disrupted, first by Caramello and Pappacoda, then by Agricola and the other senators’ wives, until all rush out to enjoy the carnival revels. Third ActDelacqua has discovered that his wife never reached Murano. He is searching for her everywhere. Ciboletta is looking for Pappacoda, in order to tell him he has been appointed private chef to the Duke. Caramello is looking for Annina, who in turn is trying to get rid of the Duke.But Caramello sees her together with his master and believes she has weakened.Finally Delacqua removes Annina’s mask. The Duke is horrified that, instead of the senator’s wife who was the object of his desires, first of all a cook and then a fish-seller has been presented to him. But he allows himself to be persuaded by Annina to give the position of steward to the person who has introduced his wife to him – Caramello becomes steward and can now marry Annina (and she will remain close to the Duke).Finally the missing Barbara also turns up and maintains that it was only a mistake that she was taken away by the wrong gondolier.

In German language with English subtitles

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