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Fiaker Baron , St. Stephens Square , 22 August 2016 - 09:00 - 21:00

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Category: Sightseeing Event: Fiaker Baron Date/Time: 22 August 2016 - 09:00 - 21:00 Venue: St. Stephens Square Address: Stephansplatz, A-1010 Wien/Vienna (Map)

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129,00 EUR
100,00 EUR
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Carriage with maximum 4 Persons
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Fiaker Baron

Vienna and its Fiaker share a long common tradition. One of the most famous Viennese songs from 1885 reflects this bond. The horse-drawn carriage rides are among the most popular tourist attractions today.

Fiaker, the historic taxi-rank places, are an integral part of the Vienna cityscape and present visitors throughout the year with Vieanna's picturesque sights from a particular perspective. Many of the horse-drawn carriages are over 100 years old and offer an attractive opportunity to admire the numerous sights.
Enjoy the unique atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city with a cozy horse-drawn carriage ride and marvel at the impressive buildings and palaces of a long bygone time. Discover Vienna's magical atmosphere with a city tour and feel carried back to the history of the Empire.

Route 1: 40 Minutes City Tour

This route starts from the St. Stephen's Cathedral (German: Stephansdom), passes through the Ferstel Palace, the Hofburg, the Michaelertrakt and through the interior courtyard to the Heroes' Square (German: Heldenplatz). The next highlights are the Natural History Museum, Eppstein Palace, the Parliament and the People's Garden (German: Volksgarten). In the subsequent drive across the Viennese Ringstraße, you can admire the City Hall (German: Rathaus), the Court Theatre (German: Burgtheater), the old Viennese café Landtmann and the University. The route then passes through the Liebenberg Monument and the Scots Church, through the "Hohe Markt" back to the starting point on Stephansplatz.

Route 1: 60 Minutes City Tour

Even with this route, the St. Stephen's Cathedral is the starting point. It passes through the Ferstel Palace, the Hofburg and Michaelertrakt, through the interior courtyard to the Heroes' Square. Then the carriage continues on to Pallavicini Palace on Josefplatz where you will see well-known sites, such as the Augustinian Church (German: Augustinerkirche), the Sacher Hotel and the magnificent State Opera. You can also see monuments of prominent historical figures such as Goethe and Schiller. From the Castle garden (German: Burggarten), the route continues to the Eppstein Palace, the Parliament, the People's Garden and the City Hall. The tour concludes with a ride to the magnificent Ringstraße, past the Burgtheater, the famous Viennese coffee Landtmann, the University, the Liebenberg Monument and the Scots Church, through the Hohen market and returns back to the tour starting point on Stephansplatz.

The fixed routes and tours start from the meeting place and return back to the starting point (Stephansplatz).

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