Security of Data Transfer, Security of the Payment System and Data Privacy Protection are the most important issues for We take all three issues very seriously and regularly update our systems in accordance with the highest technology and privacy standards.

Security of Data Transfer

Using your Credit Card to book tickets at is not only simple but also secure. The transfer of your data, both contact and payment data (such as Credit Card information) is done through secure / encrypted SSL connections. secure SSL connection is certified by RapidSSL CA/Geotrust Global CA.

The secure connection will be activated once you click at the button "Book Tickets". Once the SSL connection is activated, the URL in the address bar begins with "https" while at the same time a small "padlock" icon is shown in your browser (depending on the browser you use). By clicking on the icon, you will be able to view details about the SSL certificate.

Security of the Payment System

When ordering at (and, the customer is always on the safe side. The payment system is automatic and secure. As partner of the Austrian Payment Service Providers "Paylife" and "Mpay24", Viennaconcerts offers the latest online payment technology to its customers.

"3-D Security", Verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure Code

In addition, we go beyond the current standards and are one of the very few ticket offices to offer the "3D Payment Security", such as "Verified by VISA" and "Mastercard Secure Code". This technology offers credit card holders the possibility to select an additional password for their credit card payments online. If you have previously registered for this service, our payment system will automatically recognise it and you will be transferred to the servers of your Credit Card Provider where you can authorise the payment.

Data Privacy Protection

For the purpose of completing an order at (and the customer needs to provide us some personal data through the secure booking form. We try to limit the amount of data we need from our customers to a minimum which is necessary to successfully complete the order. In order to simplify the procedure, a registration and/or the opening of an account at is not required. For the successful completion of an order we need the payment data (Credit Card information), personal and contact data (Name and the E-Mail address) and in some cases the data required for the delivery of tickets (Home Address or Hotel Name in Vienna).

All personal, payment and delivery data required for the purpose of booking will be used ONLY for this purpose. Except for the successful completion of the order, your data will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be passed on to other third parties. All data is managed safely according to the highest security standards. For the purpose of completing the booking, needs to send you the Booking Confirmation at the E-Mail address you have provided. The process may also require additional communication. may therefore send additional E-Mails in order to inform you for eventual changes or to send and/or require additional information related to the booking, such as event cancellation, eventual alternative or additional offers, reviews of our service or other issues related to the booking.

For any questions regarding privacy protection or questions regarding your data, please contact us at: Ticket Office GmbH
Neuer Markt 9 / 12A
A-1010 Wien

Tel:+43 (0) 1 512 3457
Fax: +43 (0) 1 512 3457 15

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